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Inhouse Energy sytem to replace an existing solar array

You can choose from and selection of complete packages that include an intelligent controller and advance battery to enable an efficient solar system designed for your requirements.

Just select the array size that you need.

Our systems are cost effective, purpose built, electrical energy storage system designed for domestic and business use in either off grid or grid fall back installations.

Surplus energy from your solar system is stored for use during periods of high demand and when solar power is not available. An intelligent controller selects the most cost effective energy source automatically, use of this system can dramatically lower your energy bills.

The systems supports internal lithium polymer battery systems and includes full battery management, an integrated MPPT controller for solar panel input, a high capacity mains charger to support time of day battery charging if desired, as well as an auto-start output for generator control in off grid applications.

The system is easily monitored and configured via an app running on your smart phone which provides graphic displays of the system status.


  • Cost Effective                                            20-30% RoI p.a.
  • Intelligent                                                   automatic operation, time of day charging option
  • Easy                                                           installation by a licenced electrician
  • Reliable                                                      lithium battery life greater than 10 years*

*estimated in normal domestic use

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