ESS 8-1i

ESS 8-1i

Solar Battery System

For medium to large households


The ESS8-1i is our classic solar battery system, designed for optimal performance for medium to large households. It stores low cost off-peak energy for use during expensive peak periods.

Surplus energy from your solar system is stored for use during periods of high demand and when solar power is not available. An intelligent controller selects the most cost effective energy source automatically; use of this system can dramatically lower your energy bills.

The ESS8-1i supports internal lithium polymer battery systems (BP4, BP8 or dual BP8, supplied separately) and includes full battery management, an integrated MPPT controller for solar panel input, a high capacity mains charger to support time of day battery charging if desired, as well as an auto-start output for generator control in off grid applications.

The ESS8-1i is easily monitored and configured via an app running on your smart phone* which provides graphic displays of the system status (*due for release shortly).


Benefits summary

  • 20-30% return on investment (ROI) year on year (estimate for
    average domestic use)
  • ‘Set and forget’ – operates on its own quietly and automatically
  • Time of day charging option - storing low cost off-peak energy
    for use during expensive peak periods

  • Installation is easy for a licenced electrician
  • Lithium battery life expected to be greater than 10 years
  • 240 VAC, 7 kW single phase with intelligent controller


Technical information**

AC capacity                            10 kVA (approx. 7 kW) single phase

Solar capacity                         7 kW

Useable battery capacity        4, 8 or 16 kWh (BP4, BP8 or 2 x BP8)

Power priority                         Solar/battery/mains/generator

Overload fall back                  Mains/generator

Dimensions                            600 x 600 x 1850 mm

 (**Subject to change without notice)

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Delivery weight: 70 kg
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