About us

Aus1-01InHouse Energy provides owners of solar power systems (‘solar panels’) with a new energy storage option that allows them to significantly reduce their energy bill and become less dependent on non-renewable energy from the grid.


These systems combine the latest in electronic control with lithium battery technology to enable residential and small business users to store and use energy for their own use, on their own premises. No contracts, no government promises, just low cost energy, where you want it, when you want it.


Our first generation of systems includes four models that are designed to create optimal cost savings for small, medium and large energy users.                                                                                                                                                                   

InHouse energy is owned and backed by ATI Australia; an organisation with 22 years of experience making and supporting (nationwide) safe and reliable solar energy storage products.


All of our systems share a common design philosophy:



  • The latest lithium battery technology 
  • Modular, supportable and scalable design (custom builds are available). 
  • Fast installation by a qualified and competent electrician
  • Fail safe grid fall back design means that you always have access to power as long as the system is connected to the grid.
  • Long life battery banks (estimated 10 years+)
  • Intelligent integrated battery management system
  • An impressive 8 kWh of useable capacity.


sydney_night_lights-wide_web Saving money and minimising your carbon footprint by storing your own solar energy is easy. Talk to  ATI's engineering experts to understand your needs and define a suitable system, you will be surprised at how easy it is to enjoy a long lasting, cost effective and low impact energy system