Become More Sustainable - Get Off the Grid - Save On Power Costs


Inhouse Energy is a wholly Australian owned and operated company providing innovative and advanced solar energy storage solutions that are available now for home, commercial, industrial and regional installations.

Our advanced lithium ion battery systems and intelligent controllers can help you achieve your goal whether it be to save energy costs, get off the grid or become more sustainable. Contact us now for more information about our solutions and get a free estimate of your potential energy savings and investment.


Be more independent


Our solar battery systems allow home owners and small businesses to become significantly less dependent on the power grid, and at the same time retain the ability to use the power grid as a ‘fall back’ energy source when needed. Reduce grid usage or go off the grid.


Manage your energy bill


Use the power you generate. Store excess power generated from solar panels during the day and use it when you get home when energy tariffs are at their highest.


Get serious about the environment


Renewable sources of energy are a core solution to the environmental problems facing the world. Solar panels are only part of the solution. What happens to the energy you’re not using during the day? Solar battery systems allow you to store and use almost all the energy you generate, increasing the efficiency and private usage of your clean solar energy while at the same time reducing your consumption of traditional coal generated energy.


No more black outs


Delivering reliable energy to all homes and businesses across a nation as large and diverse as Australia is a tremendously difficult undertaking. Energy transmission and distribution businesses are fighting an uphill battle against rising peak demand, increasingly savage weather events and more extreme temperatures than ever before. Inevitably, reliability of energy supply at the edge of the grid will suffer from time to time. Keep the power on. Store the Energy from the sun, keep the lights on when unfortunate events happen.